[ROM] – ImPrOS v1.2 – 2nd Release – Wi-Fi Tether fix – 170 mb free after first install

Changelog v1.2 :

– Added DSPManager and Spareparts

– Fixed issue with kernel libs for Wi-Fi tether fix

– Moved Dalvik Cache to SD –> 170 mb internal free

– Did some code clean-up

Note :

I didn’t add OpenGL 1.1 because I found it more laggy. So OpenGl still needs some development for the wildfire in order to work properly , however I don’t think I know enough about OpenGL to get this working with our wildfire , if it’s even possible.

Some people also said that bluetooth didn’t work? It worked well for me, I managed to send a file from one phone to the other. Maybe it’s only carkit ? I can’t test this because I don’t have a car kit (: .

But still enjoy this new release, it’s a lot more stable now when it comes to wi-fi and I think also a little bit more snappier. Can’t wait for your feedback guys !

Download here or here.



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