Month: July 2011

[ROM][22/07]- Wild Ginger – Gingerbread 2.3.4 AOSP – Stable – JIT – Smooth UI – Honeycomb launcher

New HTC Wildfire ROM , a Gingerbread AOSP ROM based on version 2.3.4 r1.

Modifications :

  • System :

  • Added a patch-fix to prevent browser from crashing
  • Used the froyo library to use the camera app, capturing video still gives force closes.
  • Added a new ARMv6J-target to enable JIT compilation on Dalvik-VM (increase performance).
  • Used the froyo library for use of the GPS-antenna. (first use outside, else you won’t get a GPS-fix).
  • a patch for SurfaceFlinger by Cyanogenmod Team.
  • patch from google to add a bunch of APN’s that normally aren’t present.
  • Tweaked memory usage for optimal CPU processing.
  • Rooted
  • Busybox (unix commands).
  • Busybox runparts intstalled.
  • Enabled JIT.
  • Self-compiled nFinity kernel
  • Did some internal code-cleaning.
  • Interface :

  • Redesigned framework changed refresh variables for smoother animations
  • Added a Honeycomb Launcher (SyndicateApps)
  • Redesigned Lockscreen.
  • Added RomManager. (Clockworkmod)
  • Added FileManager (Cyanogen)
  • Screenshots :

Make sure your phone is rooted. Do factory reset , wipe cache and wipe Dalvik cache from recovery. You do this at your own risk. You can’t hold me responsible by messing up your own phone. If you point your finger at me I may and probably will laugh at you. Btw : this is completely safe to flash , so don’t worry ;). First boot can take up to 5-10 min.

Enjoy , and let me know if you found other bugs on : or comment below.