Month: December 2012

[SHORT OPINION] Windows vs Mac OS X

Since one month and a half I am the owner of a MacBook Pro 13,3 inch mid 2012. This came as a shock to myself and some people around me. I felt like I needed a change from the Windows machines I was used to for 13 years now. What you’re about to read is a personal opinion about the two different machines.


For my studies I wanted a machine that could handle the task. My 3 years old Acer Aspire did quite a good job although I had to replace the battery and RAM memory. However the keyboard was a real pain in the buttocks :-). I have to give this one to the MBP. Not only do I love the keyboard, the fact that the body is made out of aluminium really gives it a sturdy look and feel.

However, for me personally, I think the MBP is overpriced. Some say you pay for the durability and quality that comes with an Apple product. Maybe it’s true, I’ll give you an update on that in less than 3 years !

OS Comparison

Well. I have mixed feelings about this.

Mac OS X is, by far, the most stable OS I’ve ever used. It looks nice, it feels nice. Windows on the other hand gave me a lot of the famous BSOD. But what annoys me on the Mac OS X is the fact it uses a fregging high amount of RAM. Right now, I am running Chrome,Spotify,Tweetdeck , Sparrow and Agenda : RAM left = 262 MB. Upgrading the RAM is the first thing I’ll do.


Will I ever be an Apple fanboy ? Hell no ! I love Android to much for that to happen. However I’ve got to admit the MBP sure is one piece of engineering. Especially the trackpad. They should give a medal to the engineers that designed it.

Rather short opinion, but hey exams are on the way 😉 Any other Windows/Mac users want to share their experience ? Comment below !