Month: February 2013

BBJam 10 : Day 1

Hi guys, what up !? First blog post in a long time, will be a short one though. Here’s what happend today :

First up  we took the Eurolines bus that took us to Amsterdam after a 3.5 hours busride. After that we arrived at the Sarphati hostel and dropped our bags. (I get a free room the next time I come if I mentioned them in my blog 😉 )

The BlackBerry Jam 10 reception and TweetUp started around 5 p.m. , here we talked with several BlackBerry partners along with a beer. Some interesting partners were there , with a lot of interesting content. For example :

Marmelade : A framework to port any C++ code to Android,iOS,BlackBerry or Windows. Without overhead or less performance, they claim. Hard to believe, but okay.CAM00085

Application Developer Alliance : A community where you find everything you need to know about building,funding and distributing webapps or mobile apps. Free membership for now, so subscribe!

Further there were also : Sencha, Unity 3D, Evernote,TenCode and many more.

This took pretty much the whole evening, and was interesting. Excited to start the real work tomorrow at 10.30 a.m. more coverage to come ! Keep an eye out on twitter if you want to know my thoughts and things live on BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe 2013, Amsterdam.

Cheers !