Why dreams are worth chasing in 2014.

Exams exams exams, yet writing a blog post is ideal for taking a break from the books. What follows is maybe something people did not expect to read from me, as it is a rather personal blog post.

Last couple of weeks a lot changed and a lot is happening in my life. Some things are changing for the good, others I wished I saw changing differently. But what became apparent is the fact we should build our own happiness.

Sure, you could wish somebody a happy 2014. But in the end what are you really wishing him ? You’re wishing the person that he can do stuff which makes him feel happy. For me the ideal way to make me feel happy is to work and try to achieve dreams. You make your own opportunities for achieving your dreams, don’t wait and think “Wish I could do that” or “In order to achieve my dreams, X has to happen”. Yeah you’ll fail one time, two times, maybe even a hundred. But in the end isn’t that better than not trying at all ?

For me, one thing is sure. Coming week is one big step towards a personal dream and I’ll take every chance, I worked hard for it and sacrificed at lot of things/moments for it. Yes, the chances are not really in my favor, but hell at least I can say I tried.

Work on dreams, and make yourself happy. Nobody else will do it for you. Now back to my books !




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