Prepping for that internship

Sooooooo. For everybody who does not follow my Facebook-feed or heard me in the last couple of months, I will be doing an internship in Switzerland for two months. I will probably be blogging about my stay in Switzerland a lot, so anybody interested can subscribe or just follow twitter or fb for updates about this blog.

Now we got those administrative messages  out of the way, my first actual blogpost about my internship. I am still at home, prepping like a maniac for my first long stay abroad. Luckily my mom is doing the major part of the ‘work’, so my part of the job is reduced to saying : “yes I need that” or “no mom, I have enough of those things already”.

I’ll be driving to Switzerland saturday morning, my parents are accompanying me and will drop me off safely at the apartment. Yes I am spoiled, no I am not ashamed for having lovely parents ;-).

The internship itself is situated in the field of security engineering, penetration testing and (big surprise) Android development. Not necessarily in that order. I am very excited for my first work experience in these major fields, which are undoubtedly the most interesting ones for me.  I am interested in security since we had a computer with windows 95 and my dad had put a password on it.  I wanted to bypass the goddamn thing, which gave birth to my (healthy) interest in cyber security. The Android-part of my geek personality started 5 years ago, when I bought my first Android device and which kickstarted my enthusiasm and passion for this mobile-piece-of-art platform.  I think it’s pretty clear that I am very excited to learn a lot in these fields, things I can impossibly learn in an academic environment.

What can you expect from this blog for the next two months? Probably pictures and stories about my stay, not much about my internship or technical details since I signed NDA’s and I don’t want to risk leaking critical information. Look at me all acting mature and responsible.

Signing off here for now. Next blog post will probably come from a swiss IP-address.




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