Internship: Interesting week

Hi there folks! In between washing clothes and studying, I’m having a small break for writing a blogpost. Last week has been a good week, a lot of interesting things happend! I worked on a fork of the BouncyCastle crypto library to use in an Android runtime environment. Something similar to SpongyCastle but to be independent and have our own java security provider, we prefer to fork the BouncyCastle library and add our own changes. My job was to perform an upgrade to the new BouncyCastle version. This means pulling in the code and fixing the problems that arise with incompatible or new code. I finished the project rather early and have some time left on my hands.

Since I have time left, my boss proposed to teach me how to program Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s) and setting up Public Key Infrastructures (PKI’s) which are core systems in for example every security system of a bank. It makes sure your transactions are performed in a secure and trusted environment. This will be a very hands-on experience which I don’t think you can learn in school (apparently some dare to discuss that if you make the right choice of course), the experience of someone in the industry is really big. That’s something I started to realize early on in my internship and now am more than aware of.

Besides work I also did some things which the most part consisted out of studying for my exams. Other than that I also skyped with my girlfriend, which flew to Peru on Tuesday , where she will be staying till the end of december! Thank God for technology like Skype, imagine if I could only write letters or e-mails to her and don’t see her pretty face!

We also had colleagues in, from a dutch company called Advanced Encryption Technology (AET Europe) . Me personally did not have much to do with them, as my project is focused on a whole other part of the business than they are conducting. But this meant that we went for dinner in the evenings on Thursday and Friday. Had the best fish in the world on Friday by the way, truly marvelous. Despite the fact that you learn a lot at the internship itself, you learn more from these dinner talks. How things are done on a managing level, as everybody (besides the spanish intern José and me) sitting at the table have managing positions. Interesting talk with the head manager on how he selects his people and how they do the sales and development of their product. Too much to sum up here.

Signing off for now, got some work to do, groceries and studying => woohoo! This will be my last post originating from a swiss IP. Although I might use a swiss VPN in the future, which technically would invalidate my claim that this will be my last post from a swiss IP-address. Oh well, you get my point.

Cheers, folks!


PS: My last project is being open-sourced at

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