First conference talk. Exciting!

So tomorrow starts an exciting and stressy three days. I will be talking at xda:devcon which is a pretty big deal for me. Never did something like this, but because of the topic I have a strange relaxed feeling. Strange in the sense that I would expect to be far more stressed, but that will probably come tomorrow or saturday. *knocks on wood*

I like my topic (Android Security) because it is a topic that combines my two big passions in the field of computer science. An awesome mobile platform (Android) and computer security. Hence my talk will be an introduction to Android, attack surfaces on Android and I will end my talk with the security in web-based Android  applications. For the full abstract of the talk:

Android Security Overview and Safe Practices for Web-Based Android Applications

The talk will start with a brief overview of the different layers of the Android platform, highlighting interesting parts for attackers. Layers covered will be: Android apps, Android Framework, Dalvik Virtual Machine, User-space native code, The kernel.

Next the talk will cover the attack surface for Android. Covering several attack surfaces for example: remote attacks, physical, local…

And last, the bigger part of the presentation will cover web-based apps. These are apps made with web technology and compiled into native apps by using for example: Apache Cordova. Web applications have different security issues than native applications. I will try to inspire developers to take better care of security when using and developing their own web-based app using the WebView component. This component has been a big source of application vulnerabilities along with the JavaScriptInterface logic.

Another thing I like about giving the talk, is the fact that my talk is scheduled on an awesome conference. xda:devcon is a community for and by developers. Helping each other and always raising the bar in Android development. When I joined the community several years ago, I never thought I would one day giving a presentation at a conference organized by XDA-Developers. Really looking forward to meeting new talented people. If you want to stay tuned you can follow me on twitter or fb where I will probably be spamming the living shit out of it.

For the interested, there will be no livestream but the presentation is likely to be filmed and put on YouTube.

Well, wish me luck!


PS: BIG BIG UP for my sister, she graduated today and received her second diploma! Proud brother here!

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