All posts concerning my ROM for the Wildfire.

ImPrOS v1.3 – Updated – Redesigned Framework – Fixed Lockscreen – removed other bugs

Changelog :

  • Updated : Youtube, RomManager, Adobe Reader, Google maps, Market, ADWLauncher
  • Added : Titanium BackUp , Java (re-added, was gone in 1.2)
  • Tweaked cool Window Animation : Menu > Settings > Display > Animation > choose “All animations”
  • Fixed Lockscreen (smaller slides)
  • Redesigned the framework (notificationbar, icons etc)
  • Fixed batterydrain (v1.2 drained battery to fast)
  • Fixed popup-bug (sometimes text was unreadable in a popup)


Download here

XDA-thread here

Find bugs or do you have problems : Comment below or contact me.

[ROM] – ImPrOS v1.2 – 2nd Release – Wi-Fi Tether fix – 170 mb free after first install

Changelog v1.2 :

– Added DSPManager and Spareparts

– Fixed issue with kernel libs for Wi-Fi tether fix

– Moved Dalvik Cache to SD –> 170 mb internal free

– Did some code clean-up

Note :

I didn’t add OpenGL 1.1 because I found it more laggy. So OpenGl still needs some development for the wildfire in order to work properly , however I don’t think I know enough about OpenGL to get this working with our wildfire , if it’s even possible.

Some people also said that bluetooth didn’t work? It worked well for me, I managed to send a file from one phone to the other. Maybe it’s only carkit ? I can’t test this because I don’t have a car kit (: .

But still enjoy this new release, it’s a lot more stable now when it comes to wi-fi and I think also a little bit more snappier. Can’t wait for your feedback guys !

Download here or here.

[ROM] – ImPrOS v1.0 – Stock Froyo based – Hybrid – Stable and Fast

New HTC (hybrid) Wildfire ROM , based on the HTC Stock Froyo version (with HTC sense) ,

new Features :

* Deoxeded system files

* Added data/app functionality for upgrades

* Added root permission

* Added Java (jbed) for Java executables

* Removed sense launcher (replaced by ADWLauncher –> Less CPU and RAM)

* Removed HTCLockscreen , now transparent original lockscreen

* Added BusyBox (+run parts)

* Added Apps2SD (not dalvik cache tough – create a ext-partition on your sd-card in order to benefit Apps2SD)

* Added RomManager

* Added 4-in-1 boot menu

* Tweaked Framework (added Honeycomb batterycharger, statusbar tweaked, etc..)

* Tweaked memory usage for optimal performance

* Added OC Kernel v4.1 from HCDR.Jacob, all credits for Kernel go to him!

* Added Nano text editor

* Added Bash (shell command)

* Added Livewallpapers !

* Added Gingerbread Keyboard ( long press text area > Input Method > GingerKeyboard)

Known bugs :

– Settings > Personalize > gives force closes (working on that, has to do with the removal of HTCLockscreen.apk and Sense Launcher)

Mail me if you find others ! Don’t hesitate! :

Credits :

J2 – making the bootanimation!!

D. Carratta – help choosing the name :p


HCDR.Jacob- for his kernel

HTC – Making their kernel open source

Google & Android – for the Android Open Source Project

All the guys over at XDA-forums!

Download :

Download here or here or here (with thanks to D3VICE).

XDA-thread here.


First boot will take up to 8-10 min so don’t panic. Don’t forget to format caches etc.

Coming up :

– JIT enabled

– working at Gingerbread AOSP – if I find the time

Grtz H4oxer

PS : This is my first ROM , don’t be to hard :p lol.

Screenshots :