Why rooting your HTC device?

– ability to flash a custom ROM (ie. Cyanogenmod, Openfire, Wildpuzzle ,..)

– super user permission

– ability to flash overclockable kernels (caution with this !)

– and a lot more tweaks..


– People who installed the Froyo update on the Wildfire can’t use unrevoked at this time, they’re still working on this. So it only works with Eclair at the moment. Unrevoked3 can also be used to flash another custom recovery than Clockworkmod Recovery.

– First download unrevoked3 here : http://unrevoked.com/ It’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

– Before we begin : Windows users have to uninstall HTC Sync and download the Hboot drivers. A more specific tutorial here.

– I’ll explain this now further for Linux Ubuntu , download the package : reflasg.tar.gz and copy the script ‘reflash’ to your home folder.

– Next , open a terminal and type : chmod 755 ./reflash

– Now we can execute the script , type : sudo ./reflash (the script requires root acces , type your password , don’t worry the terminal doesn’t show anything for security purposes)

– Follow the instructions on screen . DON’T forget to enable USB Debugging on your phone!

– Congratz, you have now a rooted HTC device!

What changed ?

Well, you now have super User permission and unrevoked installed clockwork recovery , with this clockwork you can flash a custom rom. I’ll write a tutorial for this soon.

NEVER PULL YOUR BATTERY , it just takes some time. Pulling your battery can result in a brick (so you’ll have a useless phone)

I am not responsible for bricking or messing up your phone, you do this at your own risk. But it’s nearly impossible to brick a HTC device, if you have questions don’t hesitate to comment below. If you do mess up your phone and point your finger at me, I may and probably will laugh at you.

Grtz H4oxer

PS : Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to flash a custom ROM. I am also developping my own sense and froyo based ROM , called ImPrOS , it will be available soon.

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